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Faster and More Accurate.

The DSA App incorporates a customized XML file for importing which eliminates 99% of manual data entry. Now what used to require hours a week now requires only seconds, with improved accuracy.

The DSA App will help any size company:

  • Reduce time spent working on payroll
  • Reduce human error
  • Provide consistency
  • Provide greater clarity
  • Easily incorporate into almost any payroll software

The DSA App features include:

  • Windows based
  • SaaS – Cloud Hosted
  • SQL database
  • XML Import Settlement Data from Prime
  • Custom Reporting
  • Historical database for all info related to payroll
  • Full support

DSA is an Easy Decision.

There are a few no-brainer decisions in running a company, and this is one of them. An easy, fast, accurate and affordable solution for you to free up hours of time handling those time-sucking settlement statements.

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